Porterville Chiropractor

Your highly skilled and licensed Porterville chiropractor can help you with a wide variety of physical ailments from head to toe, with a variety of gentle yet effective therapies. Your trusted chiropractor in Porterville can also work with you to help prevent some physical problems from arising in the first place. You will be glad to know that chiropractic is non-invasive and does not involve surgery or drugs of any kind, so there are never any of the risks of surgery or any medicinal side-effects.

Your Chiropractor in Porterville Can Treat Headaches and Joint Pain, Too

Porterville chiropractorHeadaches, including tension headaches and migraine can also be eased, in many cases, by your Porterville chiropractor. Chiropractic can also successfully treat joint pains in the foot, ankle, knee, leg, hip, arm, shoulder, elbow, and hand.

Whiplash and Your Porterville Chiropractor

Whiplash treatment and whiplash associated disorder treatment is an area in which your chiropractor in Porterville can offer care and treatment. Whiplash is a neck injury resulting from sudden movement of the head. It can arise from a sports injury, motorcycle or automobile accident, or a wide variety of other injuries. Symptoms reported by whiplash sufferers include headaches and neck pain, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, difficulty in swallowing, tingling, and numbness. Your Porterville chiropractor can help to eliminate or mitigate the causes and symptoms of whiplash with an assortment of therapies that lessen inflammation in the areas affected by whiplash. Your skilled chiropractor in Porterville can also help with whiplash using gentle techniques that manipulate the spine as well as other therapies.

Slipped Discs and Your Porterville Chiropractor

Slipped discs are a problem many people have that prompts them to visit a chiropractor. (Slipped discs are also known as ruptured discs, bulging discs, and herniated discs.) Discs in the back are round pieces of cartilage that sit between and cushion the bones of the back, or vertebrae. Although some disc issues cannot be treated by your chiropractor in Porterville, most can be. The majority of these treatments are low-force techniques which your Porterville chiropractor will conduct and monitor over a period of time.

Call your Porterville chiropractor today to set up an initial consultation. If you are looking for a non-invasive way to treat many physical ailments that never involves drugs, chiropractic may be a great choice for you. Make one easy phone call and set up your appointment with your Porterville chiropractor right now. Your body will thank you.